Ambassador Hiroka Itakura: Me & my nots bracelet 英語訳、日本語訳でもご覧頂けます。

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  • 8. september 2017

Photographer: Nikolaj Schwaner


This week our ambassador Hiroka Itakura, who is the other half of the Japanese 49erFX team, shares her story. She lives in Kanagawa, Japan, and has been sailing for 14 years.

“In life I think it’s important to have a goal in everything you do. The ambassadors chosen to wear the nots bracelet all have a strong dedication to achieve their goals, and that makes me honoured to wear one.”

“At times when I face a challenge, I try to remember that there is no wall that can’t be torn down. You can make anything happen and I think it’s important to be proud of who you are and the decisions you make, and not to regret what you chose.

When I heard the story about nots, I thought it was a wonderful project, and I can feel the positive power that comes from the bracelet. We are now training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I will do my very best on the water, wearing the nots bracelet. I will always be proud being an ambassador.”

Read more in English and 日本語訳


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