Ambassador Mette Bloch

Mette Bloch is a twice World Champion rower as well as a writer, author and an excellent lecturer. She is full of life, power and happiness, and she uses her amazing energy to motivate and excite the people who are lucky enough to be close to her.

She explains: ‘The core values of nots really appeal to me – intimacy, care, gratitude and strength. To me, all four form the basis of all and any success, joy and … yeah … the good life. They reflect a place where we can be ourselves, with all the challenges that it entails, while also having the extra energy to be there for others. The better we feel about ourselves, the more we have to give.

My nots bracelet is a lot like me – it’s solid, tight and robust, but also very accommodating. If you pull it too hard, itll get so tight you cant get it off, but if you treat it gently – you can ease it off. That’s how I’d like to be. It reminds me that I’m unique and that I should be happy and proud of who I am and what I can do.

We are very happy and proud to have Mette Block as our ambassador.