About us

the gift for those who have overcome

Sports people get a medal when they win. Others get a bonus when they provide great results. And some reward themselves by buying a nice coat or the handbag they’ve dreamed of for so long. But what do you give to someone who has pulled through a difficult challenge or a crisis, or someone who has completed an incredible development process?

I felt that we needed a present that signified something deeper. A present you can give to your family, your children, your friend, yourself or an employee who makes an extra effort. A symbol of intimacy, focus and care – and of the enormous gratitude we feel when we realise that we actually had the strength to overcome a challenge.

Which is why we created nots.

nots by heckmann

nots is a raw unisex bracelet, designed and produced in Denmark, made of Sterling silver 925, diamonds á 0,03 ct. and strong sailor thread.

We were inspired by the old sailors on the harbour and their tales of loss and insecurity out on the open seas. We also included the simplicity and calm of earlier times as we created this symbol of intimacy, care, gratitude and strength – because those four qualities will help you overcome anything and everything.

Each quality is represented by a sparkling diamond on the bracelet’s silver link; and those of us who wear this bracelet are united by our stories. We have, all of us, experienced something profound.

Designer Emilie Heckmann has created a symbol that pays tribute to intimacy, the present and the calm that many long for in today’s world where superficiality, tempo and the very latest is often presented as the ultimate goal. But things do not necessarily have to move that fast.

Emilie Heckmann explains the design: ”Back in the old days, sailors would always wear a special chain, wound around their wrist, which they used to secure themselves while climbing the masts. It was a simple tool, which became an integral part of their standard ‘uniform’, and eventually, it also came to signify the closeness and interconnectedness with their families on land. Even when they were far from home, they always knew that they were loved and appreciated.”

nots is our reinterpretation of the symbol, which includes the old, strong knots as well as sailor thread and Sterling silver. Follow our work on our blog, on facebook and on Instagram – and please share your own pictures on #notsbyheckmann.