meet our ambassadors from Denmark, Ireland, Australia and Japan

Being one of our ambassadors comes straight from the heart. There is no money between us, only a strong sense of community and shared values. All ambassadors are personalities who encompass strength, integrity and warmth. People we look up to and want to be inspired by. People who dream, live and fight – they may receive the occasional blow but they rise again. And again.

We are united by a shared belief that humans can do much more than we think – and that intimacy, care, gratitude and strength constitute the building blocks of a good life.


Below you can read what the nots values mean to our ambassadors: Olympic bronze medalists and World Champions Jena Mai Hansen and Katja Salskov-Iversen, musician Mads Langer, World Champion rower Mette Bloch, world ambassador & blogger for World Parkinson Coalition Elisabeth Ildal, Olympic sailor Ryan Seaton and his teammate Séafra Guilfoyle from Ireland, professional sailors Chika Hatae and Hiroka Itakura from Japan and Olympic silver medalist Olivia Price from Australia.