One or two diamond knots? It’s up to you

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  • 12. November 2018

Now you can make your nots bracelet even more personal. In addition the many types of cords that you can choose from, it’s now possible to choose between two different kinds of closure:

1. The classic bracelet with 1 diamond knot in Jackline thread (black, grey or royal blue)

2. The new bracelet with 2 diamond knots, which makes it possible to adjust the size of the bracelet, in Jackline thread (black, grey or royal blue) or satin cord (in all the colours of the rainbow)

If you choose the closure with 2 diamond knots the size of the bracelet is decided on the basis of the circumference of your wrist. If the wrist measurement is 18 cm or 19 cm e.g., you need a size medium. Then the 2 knots will be close to each other in a nice way, when you are wearing the bracelet.

The sizes are:

  • x-small (13 cm – 17 cm)
  • small (16 cm – 19 cm)
  • medium (18 cm – 21 cm)
  • large (20 cm – 24 cm)

If you choose the closure with 1 diamond knot the size of the bracelet needs to be approximately 2 cm larger than the circumference of your wrist.

The sizes are:

  • xx-small 16 cm
  • x-small 17 cm
  • small 18 cm
  • medium 19 cm
  • large 20 cm
  • x-large 21 cm
  • xx-large 22 cm
  • xxx-large 23 cm

The prices are determined by the diamonds and are the same as the ones on our webshop – no matter what cord and closure you choose.

Until the bracelet with 2 knots is on the webshop, we kindly ask you to choose “other size” when you add to basket:It’s also important that you write in the comment box on the Billing Details page: 

  • That you would like a bracelet with 2 knots
  • The circumference of your wrist
  • What colour and what cord you would like

You can also always order directly from Vibeke Heckmann, who can help you find the right size for you. Write to, if you have any questions, or if you are ready to order your very own custom-made nots bracelet.


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