Tying the knot between Gleistein Ropes and the nots by heckmann bracelet

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  • 23. februar 2017

mand kvinde nots strand

How does a world famous rope manufacturer with a history that goes back to 1824 end up providing material for a modern Nordic jewellery brand? To answer this we have to look at the story behind the nots by heckmann design. Brand designer Emilie Heckmann explains: ”Back in the days, sailors would wear a special chain, wound around their wrist, which they used to secure themselves while climbing the masts. A simple tool that also became a symbol of the connection with their families on land. Even when they were far from home and alone on the sea, they always knew that they were loved and appreciated.”



The nots bracelet is an reinterpretation of this old symbol, and of course the thread that Emilie Heckmann saw in her design vision had to be state of the art just like all the other materials of the bracelet. This is were Gleistein Ropes enters the picture since they produce some of the best rope on the market and are known to everyone in the sailing world. They are a leader in many areas of rope technology and are deeply involved in sailing as sponsors of competitions, professional sailing teams and Olympic sailing teams.

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The lines that were chosen from Gleistein Ropes were DynaOne® made from Dyneema® fibre – trademarked as the world’s strongest fibre with qualities similar to wire rope – and Jackline. Both lines have a diameter of 2,5 mm and they are made of a 12-strand braid which is durable and UV resistant thanks to a Geothane coating. Dyneema®-line even floats on water.

Knot by knot it becomes nots 
The bracelet is hand tied by the professional Danish riggers “Riggerne” in Svendborg, Denmark, who vouch for both durability and quality. Riggerne is owned and run by active sailors with over 20 years of experience working with different aspects of sailing yachts. They started small in 2008 and today they have 500 square meters of production facilities, located close to the quayside in Svendborg, that accommodates masts up to 40 m.


When Riggerne tie a bracelet they close it with the so-called diamond-knot – a strong and firm stopper knot commonly used in the sailing world that sailors always recognize when they see the bracelet. Sailors everywhere has expressed their appreciation of a bracelet inspired by life on the sea, but the appreciation goes the other way too – nots by heckmann is forever grateful to have found such a beautiful symbol of “connection” in the historic archives of life on the sea that they can interpret and eternalize in their beautiful bracelets.


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