Ambassador Elisabeth Ildal

Elisabeth Ildal is a fireball. An inspiring character with an incredible drive, who won’t let her Parkinson’s diagnose defeat her. In fact, the diagnose has been her driving force in founding the center Cure4Parkinson in Denmark, where significant sports personalities, who also have Parkinson’s, train other people with Parkinson’s. Elisabeth Ildal is well known in the sports world too, and she used to be one of the leading table tennis players in Denmark. She has also led several teams to gold medals as elite level coach for the Danish Table Tennis Union. Furthermore, she is world ambassador & blogger for World Parkinson Coalition.

”As ambassador for nots by heckmann I can make a difference for humans in a difficult situation. I would like to bring into focus all the good things that can be done when you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Like exercise e.g. that can give you the strength to live a life where Parkinson’s moves from centre stage to the background. Parkinson’s is a chronic disease that isn’t a result of a certain lifestyle, it cannot be prevented and it cannot be healed. But you can do a whole lot to live in harmony with Parkinson’s, and medicine alone will not do the trick.”

Elisabeth continues, ”It’s of the utmost importance to have a positive mindset when you have Parkinson’s. It’s when facing adversity you grow the most. It’s all about making the most of every day and never give up. I’m fighting to stay well and alive, and it’s that fighting spirit I would like to pass on in my work with the center Cure4Parkinson and as an ambassador for nots by heckmann.”

We are honoured to have Elisabeth Ildal as our ambassador.


”Do not look back when the day ends, you are not going that way anyway!”

Elisabeth Ildal